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Our Mission

Through formation and management of diversified businesses to support further development of the country, to attract innovative and modern decisions and technologies for realization of business projects.

Our Goals

  • to continue and develop ancient agricultural traditions of the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan; under the motto of "From Field to Table" to provide consumers with clean and environmentally safe fresh foodstuffs and supply agricultural products to both domestic and foreign markets
  • to sell our products at local and external markets in compliance with international requirements
  • to bring and implement modern technologies to the country

What we do

Using modern technologies “GREEN FACTORY” LTD is engaged in the realization of Agropark that includes orchards, food processing complexes, honey and wood production in Sheki region of Azerbaijan. In addition to its wide experience our company also involved highly qualified foreign and local experts to the realization of the projects.

Green Projects

Orchard development project has been realized in the open area of 82Ha. Total harvest per year 1,950 tons.

  • At the open field of28 ha “Tom Cot” and “Sunny Cot” apricot trees (16900 units) has been planted
  • At the open field of 10 ha “Abate Fetel on Farold” pear trees (14500 units) has been planted;
  • At the open field of 13 ha “Garcica” nectarine trees (7400 units) has been planted;
  • At the open field of 11 ha “President” plum trees (6000 units) has been planted
  • At the open field of 8 ha trees “Cordia” cherry-trees (5000 units) has been planted
  • At the open field of 7 ha “Sugartime” and “Maura” peach trees (4100 units) has been planted
  • 5 ha area is for packing, cooling, temporary storages, supporting areas and roads

At the area of 25 ha modern Greenhouse project is realized. Total harvest per year – 3,660 tons. Artificial lighting system used in the greenhouse complex is a new technology applied in Azerbaijan.

  • At the area of 14.5 ha greenhouses
  • At the area of 0.6 ha nursery;
  • At the area of 3 ha packaging, cooling facilities and temporary storages;
  • Biogas facility also will be installed

10,000 certificated paulownia seedlings imported from Turkey are planted in total 30 ha. The main targeted product is to get wood product complying with international industrial standards. At the same time during the growing fragrant flowers will be used in honey production. Also leaves are considered as additional fodder for farm animals

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